The Venus Factor Review

This Venus Factor review intends to give you an overall picture of how this weight loss program works and the logic behind it so that you will be able to decide if it suits you and if you are willing to try it out. As the title suggests, this program is for women and it focuses on achieving the look of Venus – the goddess of beauty.

How Does It Work?

Venus FactorThis diet program was conceived and authored by John Barban who has been a key resource person for some of the biggest supplement companies in America. He stumbled upon a discovery that he immediately developed to help her older sister get over her weight issues due to bad genetics.

So, as you can see the Venus factor is an emotionally fueled discovery and it led to the conclusion that if you want to know how to lose weight fast, you have to focus on one single hormone; leptin, because it is the sole hormone responsible for that fat burning metabolism.

The discovery also showed that women have twice as much leptin as men but are constantly faced with two problems. First, the female body is being restricted from triggering their leptin hormones for fat burning. And second, when they go on a diet, their leptin levels drop significantly. The Venus Factor is a twelve-week program that will trick your body into using its leptin hormones for fat burning.

Special Features of the Venus Factor

  1. It is not a restrictive diet.

As mentioned, dieting will only trigger the female body to drop its leptin levels making it almost impossible to lose weight. So, it’s not about cutting down on calories or any other food restrictions.

The Venus Factor program will tell you what food you have to avoid. It is this one food that makes leptin totally useless. The program will also tell you what cheat foods to eat when, not as a break from the diet, but as a main component that will actually influence your leptin hormones to work in burning the fats.

You will also discover the one nutrient that you need to have to make your metabolism work overtime in fat burning.

The Venus Factor program will not restrict you from eating. It will merely guide you in knowing what to eat and when to eat them in order to trick your system into fully utilizing your leptin hormones and turn the fat burning process on overdrive.

  1. It is a diet and workout program combo.

The Venus Factor is more than just a weight loss program; it is a complete shape up plan. The name was taken from the Roman mythology’s goddess of beauty: Venus. The primary goal of the program is not to make you as skinny as a broom stick but to form your body into an aesthetically pleasing art work. So, in plain words it intends to make you look sexy.

It is diet and work out program comboThis program is the best weight loss for women because it does not finish off with you looking like Olive Oyl from the “Popeye” cartoon but more of a Jessica Rabbit from the “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” movie.

The workouts are composed of thirty-six high-intensity interval training sessions done three times a week for the entire twelve-week duration of the program. The sessions are not long but will vary in intensity. None of the exercises will require fancy equipment. Everything can be done at home.

These exercises will help you burn fat but, the more important intention is to pack the beef where they are going to be most attractive and sexy. Essentially, it is not about building muscles. It is just for placing the humps and bumps in the right places.


This diet program will only work for women because it is a hormonal manipulation scheme that is exclusively designed for the female hormones. In fact, the author attributes most diet failures to the senseless attempt of creating diet programs for both genders. The male and female body works differently from each other and a diet plan that will work for one gender will create havoc to the other.

What comes with the package?

When you register for the Venus Factor program you will have access to the following:

  1. The Venus Factor Diet and Weight Loss Manual (180-page e-book)

This manual will explain the leptin inducing diet and will provide you with all the information you need to know including the main concepts, the mental perspectives and the actual diet plan.

  1. The Venus Factor Workout System

This provides you with the contents of the actual thirty-six workouts that you will do in the twelve-week program. There’s a video link for each exercise so you can see how the exercises are properly performed.

  1. The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist

This is an app that helps you to track calories and protein intake. It virtually tells you what you should eat and when’s the ideal time to eat them.

  1. The Venus Community

You will have access to the exclusive Venus Factor community, including blogs, forums etc.

  1. The Venus Index Podcasts

These are inspirational audio interviews by other Venus Factor members discussing their success stories.

Who is this for?

Who is this for?First and foremost, the Venus Factor program is exclusively for women. Since it is a hormonal based diet program it will only work for women.

This program will be very good for women who have tried other diet programs. It provides hope for those who have failed in other weight loss programs because of its sensible concept. The connection between the leptin hormone and the unique female condition is well explained.

The author has a credible background and a genuine emotional motivating factor for its conception. If you just came from a very restrictive diet program, this will be a breath of fresh air.


The Venus Factor review has revealed the concept behind the diet program. The only way of really checking its effectivity is by actually trying it out. The author is generous and confident enough to offer a money-back option if you are not satisfied with the result. So now the ball is on your side of the court.